Electrical Engineering »

Electrical Engineering has all the time in demand as its spectrum grows with advancement of all areas of technology. For high quality standard and technology upgradation at all levels in the industry electrical engineers have key role to play.
Electricity is the lifeline of all other fields of technology. Any physical system be it of mechanical,electronics, computer, chemical, plastic, textile engineering electricity keeps the heart beating of all the industries. Generation system, Transmitting system, Utilization system, Design, Manufacturing, Erection, Commissioning,    R & D are the routine electrical system requiring electrical engineers.

Job Opportunities »

  • For engineering in Central & state Public works departments,Electricity Board,Power plants and sub-stations etc.
  • Private Entrepreneurship
  • Setting up own small scale manufacturing unit
  • Research & Development
  • Design
  • Drawing & estimating
  • Production,installation,inspection and control
  • Repair & Maintenance

Laboratory »

  • Basic Electrical Lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Instrumentation Lab
  • Electrical Workshop

Available Seats »

  • Civil Engineering - 120 Seats Intake
  • Mechanical Engineering - 120 Seats Intake
  • Computer Science & Engineering - 60 Seats Intake
  • Electronic & Communication Engineering - 60 Seats Intake
  • Electrical Engineering - 60 Seats Intake
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