Electronics Engineering »

Electronics revolution which took off with the development of semiconductor devices and technology shows no sign of having peaked.Modern technologies are changing and will continue to change.With the continued projected growth in high-bandwidth communicative media and VLSI technologies,it is indeed difficult to predict the range of electronic and communication products which will be available even five years from now.

A country which aspires to a better life for its citizens can no longer afford to neglect its communication infrastructure,electronic exchange,optical fibre lines,satellite links,microwave links,mobile links-these are some of the elements of modern communication technologies.

Diploma Programme in Electronics aims at training young engineers to select,operate and maintain the electronic equipments,opportunities exist for self-employment and fast developing sector of the locality.

Job Opportunities »

  • Design,manufacture & assembly of electronics equipments
  • Site preparation,testing and maintenance,repair and quality control of electronics equipments
  • User training
  • Hardware and Software maintenance
  • Software Development at basic level

Laboratory »

  • Digital/Microprocessors
  • Basic/Allied Electronics
  • Electrical/Communication

Available Seats »

  • Civil Engineering - 120 Seats Intake
  • Mechanical Engineering - 120 Seats Intake
  • Computer Science & Engineering - 60 Seats Intake
  • Electronic & Communication Engineering - 60 Seats Intake
  • Electrical Engineering - 60 Seats Intake
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